The Synapse 7.2M+ off-grid inverter is a high-power, full-featured inverter that is designed to operate independently of the grid. It features a unique operating system, dual MPPTs for solar applications, and the ability to operate in parallel for higher power or 3-phase applications.

One of the notable features of the Synapse 7.2M+ is its AC input, which allows the load to be powered by the grid when necessary and the battery bank to be charged by a grid or generator connection. It also features a pure sine wave inverter, which provides clean and stable power to your appliances.



Another key feature of the Synapse 7.2M+ is its battery equalization function, which optimizes the performance of your battery bank. This function helps to ensure that all of the batteries in your system are charged and discharged evenly, which can extend the lifespan of your batteries.

The Synapse 7.2M+ is also assembled with an internal anti-dust kit, which helps to protect the internal components of the inverter from dust and other harsh environmental conditions. This feature is particularly useful in areas with high levels of dust or other environmental contaminants, as it helps to ensure the long-term reliability of the inverter.

To clarify, the Synapse Offgrid Inverters, such as the Synapse 7.2M+, are designed for off-grid applications where there is no connection to the utility grid. They are not capable of feeding excess power back into the grid, which is a feature of grid-tied inverters. However, they are ideal for start-up systems to provide power during periods of load shedding or to power remote locations where grid power is not available.


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